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About us

Indian Bakery Asansol is a full service bakery specializing in wedding, Anniversary and birthday cakes, for over fifteen years. We have many more to come as well!   Originality Is Our Specialty

At Indian Bakery, we make all of our cakes and cookies to order. That means we’re baking them when you order them — no frozen products here! We only use fresh ingredients, including real butter,low fat fresh cream and milk, flour, sugar ,Swiss and Belgian Chocolates

Indian Bakery uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in its products, with insistence on quality control at every stage of production, packaging and delivery.

Indian Bakery Shop products are of high quality and ensure purity through stringent multi-level checks and quality assurance protocol followed throughout the cycle of the product, right from procurement of raw material to the final product.

We have specialized in and gained renown for custom made personalized products, which the client can order as per individual  specifications and tastes, together with unique  messages, which touch the hearts of the recipients.Stop by and experience any one of our unforgettable treats. We guarantee it will be one of the ‘sweetest’ experiences in your life.

We boost about our centralised kitchen which has state of the art equipment with world class hygiene standards. We have an in house RO water plant and cold storages to maintain right temperatures. We have grown multi fold over the years and possess a strong network of outlets, a supply chain model, modern retail and have significant presence in corporate arena.

Our expert staff of chefs, confectioners, and artist, strive for ongoing creativity and customer satisfaction - we create the dream gift which  the client has conjectured in his or her mind.

We are the ‘Celebration King’ with virtually no popular or special occasion  remaining outside its range. Clients have now become habituated to celebrate with our whether birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Children’s Day, etc.

• Our outlet– Cake Shop, is conveniently located in S B Gorai Road Asansol and Kabiguru Sarani City Centre Durgapur with a friendly ambience and helpful staff, whose motto is – the complete satisfaction of the customer’s sweet wishes.

• The prompt and efficient delivery service has been one of our fortes and hallmarks. In a market environment where emphasis by many suppliers of goods and services is only on core products and sub contracting of related  ones, for Indian Bakery, the timely and proper delivery of the client’s choices in perfect condition, has always been  very much a vital part of the complete process aimed at blameless customer satisfaction.

• Our Gift Coupons and Corporate Gift initiatives have gained widespread credibility and acceptance. Every gift  is for a unique individual, for no two persons are ever the same. Our confectioners, chefs, and artists  are always on the stand by to create exclusive and artistic products, to the entire satisfaction of the client.

• In the field of electronic marketing too, we has not lagged behind. Instead, its portal, is one of the leaders in on line marketing and servicing, creating a valued niche for itself.  The portal gives clients a convenient and safe option of sending gifts to loved ones, or business associates, without the hassle of personal visits or payment  hurdles.